GreenMantra Uses Unique Technology in Advanced Recycling

Interest in GreenMantra’s line of novel materials created by Advanced Recycling (Chemical Recycling) continues to expand. The company was recently invited to present as part of the Sustainable Packaging Coaliton’s virtual event on April 28th.

Christy Sapp, GreenMantra’s Global Market Development Director, shared an overview of how GreenMantra takes streams of materials that cannot be recycled by traditional mechanical recycling (for example, contaminated films) and uses its unique technology to transform those discarded plastic feedstocks into unique polymer additives that are used in a variety of end applications – back into plastics, but also into other industrial and construction applications like asphalt roofing products and roads.

The company collaborates with members of the petrochemical value chain to define projects which support its mission to divert materials away from our landfills and oceans and instead into long-term applications which sequest the carbon for years (and in some cases, decades).

GreenMantra is looking forward to the PetroChem Canada Conference, which will be an excellent forum to foster new ideas on how the advanced recycling technologies can support members of the petrochemical value chain in their efforts around circularity.