Webinar #1: Engage and Escape: Using Scenario Planning and Innovation Management to Combat Commoditization

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While the ever accelerating pace of technical, design, test, and process capabilities has been responsible for explosive global economic growth, it has also been responsible for an accelerating pace of technology and product commoditization making it extremely difficult for all companies—particularly those companies that tend to operate at the lower end of the value chain—to maintain a competitive edge. Technology and resultant innovation are, in fact, double-edged swords.

In EnerChemTek’s cumulative consulting experience, the best way to succeed in this environment is both to directly engage the challenge of commoditized businesses while simultaneously continually seeking to escape—or at least lengthen--the time to commoditization and the best tools to do this are a combination of scenario planning and innovation management.

This webinar will describe the rolls scenario planning and innovation management have in allowing companies to mitigate risks while efficiently creating new, higher-margin products, processes, services, and business models.


Mitch Halpern
Principal Consultant, Innovation and IP Management,

Mitch specializes in the development of innovation programs, IP monetization and evaluation strategies, and scenario planning/training for companies in the process industries and their clients as well as for research institutions. He has more than 20 years of experience as a consultant and thought leader for senior executives around the world. He specializes in working with internal and external teams to maximize the value of new and pre-existing IP in an efficient and cost-effective manner.
Dr. Halpern spent 20 years at SRI International in the Chemistry lab, as part of the Process Industries Consulting Group, and in the Business Intelligence Center and its spinoffs where he was one of the leading developers of SRI programs to evaluate the commercial implications of emerging technologies in the advanced materials and electronics sectors and where he pioneered the combination of technology expertise and consulting methodologies to develop award-winning products and services. Following SRI, he followed a similar path at Strategos and IBM, where he was named an IBM Business and Technical Leader as part of the IP Management Consulting Group.

Mitch holds a BA (honors) in Chemistry from Columbia University and a PhD in Physical Organic and Organometallic Chemistry from the University of California, Berkeley. He currently resides in St Louis, Missouri. His hobbies include photography, classical music, and collecting functional art. He is now a member of EnerChemTek’s network of consultants.