Edy Wong, Ph.D

Associate Dean, International at Alberta School of Business Marketing, Business Economics, and Law

A recipient of a Governor General's Medallion and the Chongqing Friendship Award in 2013, Dr. Edy Wong is a researcher and practitioner of international business. He has produced numerous scholarly articles on China over the years and is author of the SCMP designation program in Canada, for which he was awarded a Fellow's Award by Supply Chain Management Association of Canada and the Garner –Thémoin Award by IFPSCM (International Federation of Purchasing and Supply Chain Management). Dr. Wong 's business experience includes past and current corporate directorships in Hong Kong and China, and presidency of the Hong Kong - Canada Business Association (Edmonton). He has served as advisor to the China Petroleum Equipment Manufacturers Association, Shenzhen Logistics Association, and Temco Energy of Kazakhstan. Dr. Wong is also a visiting professor at several Chinese universities and the China Academy of Governance (a State Council training institute), and a regular lecturer at the China Executive Leadership Academy Pudong (a CPC training institute).