Guru Kalyanraman

CEO at Enerva Climate and Energy Consultants Inc.

Guru is the founding CEO of Enerva Energy Solutions.

Guru is skilled at strategic planning, leadership and governance of growing businesses as they navigate new and uncharted waters in terms of emerging innovative solutions in the energy and utility sector. Guru has been fortunate to have significant experience across the energy & utility value chain: from energy policy & utility regulatory to actual implementation of seeing those policies in action through demonstrated leadership in growing & leading businesses that provide customer facing solutions. He gained a more wholesome perspective of the market by the experience gained from differing verticals such as utility regulatory, utility finance, energy corporate strategy, energy policy to building a successful conservation and demand management business in Canada. He has held numerous crucial positions as CEO, Vice President, Director, Manager and Analyst in the field of energy & energy conservation. Guru has strong relationship with clients and stakeholders including IESO, MoE, OEB, utilities and commercial & industrial businesses.

He has an MBA degree from Schulich School of Business, York University, Master of Science degree from Madras University, India and is a Chartered Director (2020).