Jocelyn Doucet

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer at Pyrowave Technologies

Jocelyn Doucet is a chemical engineer and an entrepreneur dedicated to the development and marketing of innovations in connection with the transition in the use of our non-renewable resources to a circular economy business model. With a team of professionals under his leadership, he developed a patented technology—the Catalytic Microwave Depolymerization—for the local processing of mixed plastics, including polystyrene, into a raw material identical to the original feedstock, to be reused by the chemical industry in new plastics manufacturing. This innovation has an undisputable positive environmental impact, as it helps recycle materials found in soils and oceans. Mr. Doucet holds a Ph. D. in Chemical Engineering from Polytechnique Montreal, where he has been an adjunct professor since 2011. As part of his education, he started a first company specializing in the scale-up of chemical processes and developed several innovations now released on global markets. He then focussed on resource efficiency and led a team responsible for the development of a technology using microwaves to break down molecules into their original components. In 2014, this idea led to the creation of Pyrowave, a company which developed the most advanced high-power microwave technology platform worldwide and is now at the forefront of the new revolution intended to increase resource efficiency. Pyrowave works in tandem with the largest stakeholders in the global polymer industry, including Total, INEOS Styrolution and America Styrenics, and is currently at the marketing stage in North America and Europe.