Karen Wronko

Executive Director, Industry Development Branch at Economic Development & Trade, Government of Alberta

Karen is the Executive Director of the Industry Development Branch within Economic Development and Trade. The branch is the bridge between industry and government to facilitate economic development in Alberta.   Her team is focused on being the go-to people for industry specific information. The Industry Development Branch supports the sustainability, diversification and a drive to a knowledge-intensive Alberta economy. This is accomplished through her team’s deep sector expertise and on the ground industry intelligence to identify challenges, opportunities, and gaps where Government can play a role in furthering Alberta’s economic diversification and growth.   Prior to joining the department seven years ago, Karen already had extensive government experience in small business, municipal affairs, and regional development. She worked for Alberta Municipal Affairs in a variety of local government roles including working in the areas of planning and property assessment and taxation as well as spending a number of years working for the City of Edmonton.  Prior to leading the Industry Development Branch, Karen led the Entrepreneurship and Regional Development branch.  She holds an Agriculture degree from the University of Alberta, a diploma in Urban Land Economics and a Certificate in Real Property Assessment from the University of British Columbia.   See Karen speak: Managing the Cost to Build and Produce