Matin Parvari

Senior Process Engineer at Rally Engineering

Matin Parvari has over 20 years of progressive experience in diverse fields of process engineering within the oil and gas industry.

Matin’s experience and knowledge in several of the critical areas of process development such as scale-up and optimization, demonstrate his ability to contribute developing process design, and the success of early-stage technology start-ups grow ideas into profitable ventures.

He is the process engineering team lead in Rally Engineering, Sarnia. The team commitment is to develop and commercialize sustainable processes in work with many clients in Ontario and Alberta. In collaboration with industry teams, he has executed many projects to develop or upgrade the chemical processes. In many cases, working alongside the relevant safety and environmental regulations have been integral to his successful outcome.

He established and directed research and development team and worked with chemical industries and engineering companies to commercialize the innovative chemical processes. He involved in the development of chemical processes from laboratory to pilot plant and commercial scales such as:

  • Natural gas conversion to liquid hydrocarbons
  • Biogas conversion to clean fuels
  • Carbon dioxide conversion to clean hydrocarbons
  • Desulfurization processes for liquid and gas hydrocarbons
  • Developed high tech catalytic converters to reduce combustion engines emissions,

During his professional experience, he worked with different companies and research groups in the oil and gas and auto industries and developed chemical processes. Some of his research activities in Catalysis and reaction engineering filed were published in scientific journals and presented in international conferences.