Mike Burt

Director, Government Affairs & Public Policy & Regulatory Services Leader - Canada at Dow Chemical Company

Mike is currently a corporate Director and is responsible for overseeing the regulatory operations, government affairs and public affairs for Dow’s operations thought-out Canada.  In addition to these, Mike is Dow’s Chief Privacy Officer and oversees issues management for sites within Canada.   His background includes over two decades of experience in evaluating and remediating environmentally impacted sites throughout North America and Internationally.  Mike’s has been instrumental in directing the policy development, government liaison and implementation of several companies within the energy sector, including several Oilsands operations. Mike specializes in new project development, Issues management and start-up operations and has worked with Provincial regulators in helping develop policy for the oil and gas sector.   Throughout his career Mike has evaluated numerous energy technologies and developed detailed plans on marketing these technologies to stakeholders, corporate boards and governments at all levels. Mike has a BSc. from the University of Alberta and an MBA from Queens.