Scott Cadger

Business Development Manager at Autopro Automation Consultants Ltd.

Scott has worked as a sales professional providing customer service and support within the Western Canada region for over 30 years. Initially employed as an Analyzer Technician responsible for troubleshooting issues and faults within process analytics, he found that when customers needed more in-depth consultations and discussions, they were all being directed his way. Whether it was due to his solid technical knowledge or his ability to “talk” with customers .. 30 years later, he is still “talking” with customers, providing technical and business opportunities to improve/enhance their assets performance and meet ever increasing corporate demands. His career has spanned many decades, and he has experienced first-hand the transformation from pneumatic to digital in the process control industry. The enhanced operational value can be an exponential improvement to most facilities performance; illustrating these savings.. well that’s what Business Development is all about.