Tess Fay

Senior Consultant at Global Location Strategies

As a site selection consultant for one of the world’s most experienced and reputable site selection firms specializing in capital-, labor-, and resource-intensive facilities, Tess Fay has deep insight into the location needs of industrial manufacturing and technology companies all over the world. Using proven methodology that integrates rich data analysis with boots-on-the-ground field research, she is able to help business leaders prepare for what's ahead and arrive at the best, balanced location choice. Tess has many years’ experience working on capital investment projects in both metropolitan and rural communities, and she understands the unique assets both environs offer.

Since 2012, Global Location Strategies has supported both domestic capital investment and foreign direct investment projects valued at $6.6 billion and generating 6,113 jobs. Its specialty industrial sectors are chemical/petrochemicals, clean tech, paper/tissue, pharmaceuticals, advanced manufacturing, metals/polymers/composites, and automotive. For more information, visit www.GlobalLocationStrategies.com.