Digital Transformation for Operational Excellence

  • 2017 Conference Program
  • September 27, 2017
  • 3:30 pm - 5:00 pm

Countries and energy companies are seeking to diversify their resource-based economy and increase exports and trade during a downturn. The petrochemical industry must leverage best practices, and make sure that they are not falling behind the global pace-setters. Restructuring effectiveness at the operational level and adapting to the circumstances will ultimately increase competitiveness on a global scale.

Petrochemical facilities are being forced operate leaner than ever to remain competitive in today’s economy and face challenges such as an aging workforce, the need to do more with fewer skilled people, and market pressures to change. Further gains are not possible with conventional methods and companies must improve efficiencies, process reliability and supply chain optimization.

This session will explore the impact and opportunities of Big Data and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) to transform the way facilities operate to drive millions of dollars in savings.