Global Market Access

  • Panel Discussion
  • 2016 Conference Program
  • November 1, 2016
  • 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm

Canada is seeking to add value and diversify its resource-based economy to increase exports on the global stage. However, the question of market access poses uncertainty for the industry in making those investment decisions.

This session will focus on emerging global markets and the opportunities to add value and diversify Canada’s economy through extending the value chain to ultimately increase Canada’s export and trade. Panelists will aim to answer the following questions:

  • What planned infrastructure will support the petrochemical industry in pursuing value add operations to increase export?
  • How does canada invest in emerging markets to help facilitate international trade?
  • What is needed for Canada to be successful in increasing exports in the petrochemical sector?
  • What market for petrochemicals products is Canada not taking advantage of?
  • How does Canada facilitate export growth through infrastructure investments?
  • What logistical challenges are there when investing in global emerging markets?
  • Which markets have been a success story for Canada and where can Canada do more?